What Causes a Horse to be Heavy on the Front End? (What a Rider Does to Cause It)

Making sure a horse is light on their front end

What causes the horse to be heavy on their front end is when a rider is in their mouth a lot which causes a horse to not really be balanced going forward.

In fact, the horse is holding back knowing that you’re balancing and trying to control the horse’s every movement.

To get a horse off of the front you’ve got to release the face and let them walk out. Let them step out so that they can find their own balance without being held back. This way they are not worrying about you all over their back and hanging on her mouth every time something goes wrong. This is really important. ~~ Bill

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1 thought on “What Causes a Horse to be Heavy on the Front End? (What a Rider Does to Cause It)

  1. Most people that hold back and hang on their horse’s mouth do it out of fear because they don’t like the feeling of no control thru the reins.


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