Bill & Heza Nu Jewel

  • 2012 – 2017 EXCA World Finals Judge & Course Designer
  • 2012 – 2017 EXCA National Advisory Board Chairman
  • 2012 EXCA Horse Hall of Fame Inductee (Dun It For Money)
  • 2011 EXCA Hall of Fame Inductee
  • 2011 EXCA World Championship Finalist (True Wings of a Dove)
  • 2010 EXCA World Championship Finalist (Dun It For Money)
Bill & Dun It For Money
  • 2010 EXCA Vaquero Days Open Champion (Dun It For Money
  • 2009 EXCA World Championship Came in First Place in the Finals & 4th Overall (I’ll Cowboy Up)
  • 2009 EXCA Vaquero Days Open Champion (I’ll Cowboy Up)

  • 2009 EXCA Calgary Stampede Cowboy Up Challenge Finalist (I’ll Cowboy Up)
  • 2009 Hi Desert Horseman’s Assoc “Open Reining Champioin” (I’ll Cowboy Up)
  • 2009 EXCA Equine Affaire Open Champion (I’ll Cowboy Up)
Bill & Mr Bar Bully
  • 2002 Monterey National Horse Show “Open Reining Champ” (Dun It For Money)
  • 2002 Santa Barbara Fiesta Old Spanish Days – Open Reining Champion (Dun It For Money)
Bill & Dun It For Money
  • 1990’s Served on the board for many years and President of the Santa Barbara Quarter Horse Association
  • 1990’s Santa Barbara Reining Horse Assoc., Open Jackpot Champion (Chex Me Out Montana)
  • 1990’s NRCHA Hackamore Champion, Oceano CA (Chex Me ut Montana)
  • 1990’s Santa Barbara AQHA Circuit, Senior Reining Champion (Tijuana Bay) 
Bill & Easy Goer
  • 1990’s Won the Overall Hi Point Championship Santa Barbara Quarter Horse 3 Day Show (Tijuana Bay)
  • 1991 Santa Barbara Fiesta Stock Horse Show Finalist “Working Cowhorse” (Speed Vaccine)
  • 1988 Cal Western Appaloosa Assoc Open Reining Champ (Sheza Commandart)
Bill & Sheza Commandart
  • 1988 Cal Western Appaloosa Bakersfield Cutting Champ (Easy Goer)
  • 1988 Cal Western Appaloosa Assoc West Coast Circiut Sr Reining Champ (Sheza Commandart)
Bill & Easy Goer
  • 1988 Cal-Western Appaloosa Assoc Open Cutting Reserve Champ (Easy Goer)
  • 1988 NRCHA World Championship Snaffle Bit Maturity – 3rd place in Pro Am (Docolito)
  • 1982 Cal-Western West Coast Circuit Hi Point Reining Champion (Sheza Commandart)
Bill & Docolito
  • 1980’s NCHA Cow Palace – 5th in Open (Mr Bar Bully)
  • 1973 Antelope Valley Fair Open Reining Reserve Champion (Speed Vaccine) against 17 horses
  • 1973. $5000 National Stock Horse Championship – 5th Place (Speed Vaccine) against 18 horses in class
Bill & Nevada Pueblo
  • 1970’s: NCHA Open Cutting LA/Pamona Fairgrounds (Xenophonn). Bill took four 4th places against 40-50 AQHA horses in each class (Xenophonn)
  • Late 70’s Bill started “Zee” on cattle and gave him a solid foundation to go on with (Xenophonn “Zee”) Arabian Bay stallion in the Arabian Cutting Horse Book of Legends who went on to win the 1979 U.S. National Arabian Open Cutting Championship)
  • 70’s Open Arabian Horse Show, Clovis California: Bill took home four 1st places in cutting on the Legendary Xenophonn.
Bill & Xenophonn

Bill & Xenophonn
Bill & Speed Vaccine
  • 60’s Jocky (AQHA) raced at the San Bernardino Fairgrounds 1st Pl
Bill & Rebels Devil San Bernardino Fairgrounds Win Picture

60’s – 70’s Wrangler for Movies & TV worked for Glenn Randall his father Denzel Cameron

Bill & Littleman (his first horse) Both 7 years old


Bill & Sox (his first pony he trained)

Bill & Sox
Bill & His Dad Denzel (Bill has his own set of reins – learning rein management)


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