On the Road to Horsemanship

Whether you are new to horses or owned them for years, you will get something out of these episodes. Over the past 40 years I’ve done lots of TV work and Commercials with my horses. From working on a slippery stage on the set of Young and Restless to getting my horse to trust me enough to jump from one 2 story rooftop to another for a “Tag Heuer Watch” shoot. Join me on THE ROAD TO HORSEMANSHIP!


Official Trailer

Behind the Scenes Workshops

Bill works on balance, coordination, and teaching the student how to subtlety give cues. He helps the student maintain calmness, focus, and an awareness of of their what their horse needs in the moment.

Lessons To Learn By

Here you will get keys to riding and connection with your horse. Bill explains the why and how while coaching all levels of riders, from Novice to Trainers. Each full length lesson contains Golden Nuggets and Keys to enhance connection with your horse.

On the Road to Horsemanship

You may find the right solution to the challenges you are having by watching sessions in this collection. Every ride counts…you are either stealing a ride, improving your horse, or confusing your horse.

Videos to Get You Started on Your Journey…

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