A Different Perspective of Extreme Cowboy Racing!


I like to think I’m competing against myself.  It’s all about self-control and staying focused at a high rate of speed.  That’s challenging to a horseman.  It’s riding that fine line where you know you could make a mistake but you stay focused.  When you watch videos of me or any other winners in the Extreme Cowboy Racing sport making riding errors it’s because we have drifted over that fine line and must slow down and stay focused.

Do better the next time.  To Be more thoughtful, be smoother.   It is not up to your horse to lead you thru, it is you leading your horse on a safe journey never trying to make things more difficult for him.

Riders in the EXCA sport excel at walking that fine line constantly improving over time.  It does not happen overnight.  One can learn a lot about themselves in this sport.  The courses are designed to make you think.  Thinking on the run is not easy and I guess that’s the fun of it!  Making it look easy is what the best riders do.

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