We’re creating a Communtiy for Bill Cameron students and fans across the globe

Join me and learn about my training philosophy in depth which is full of unique strategies that work within the horse’s perspective. You will discover why my riding is a combination of European Dressage and Western Riding and why I use mostly leg and seat ques, and little rein.

Discover why I believe in a partnership involving soft hands and a gentle approach.” ~ Bill Cameron ~

If you are interested in:

☆ Staying informed on new techniques and discoveries

☆ Continuing your education

☆ Creating a stronger bond with your horse

☆ Most of all joining a unique community free of social media issues and advertising?

Then this is a community for you where you can share with like minded Bill Cameron students and fans.

Here are 3 reasons to join now:

☆ Early Bird Benefit… fans and students who join us early in our launching of this community will enjoy 2018 membership at no cost.

☆ If you are currently earning your Internship Certification under Bill, you get a Lifetime membership subscription at no cost. Coming in 2019: Online courses, Video evals, and testing. Earn badges and rewards.

☆ Free now. (In 2019 a modest $1.99 monthly subscription or $ 19.99 annual subscription will be required . This will help support our platform dues, thus no ads).

Join today and be apart of the launchers in our new Community.

Join today and let’s be part of something great!” ~ Evon ~