Training Tip: The Side-Pass

BCIH - Bill Cameron International Horsemanship

The side-pass should should be very easy; however, many people have trouble with side passing their horse.  Starting the side-pass probably should be done before you even get on your horse, with groundwork because your horse may have no knowledge of moving away from pressure.  If this is your situation, start with grooming your horse using a simple brush and while holding your horse’s head short, gently and very patiently bump on the horse’s side where the back cinch would be located.

Just pushing on a horse’s side or squeezing with your leg won’t get some horses to move. This teaches your horse to move away from pressure without the distraction of side passing from the saddle over an object or between two poles.  I personally like to teach a horse to move off my leg by waving my leg rhythmically against the horse’s side.  Eventually there is really no…

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